Rhythm Magic Motion Clocks

RHYTHM Wall Clocks

“Fascinating” is the word most people use when describing Rhythm’s selection of Magic Motion Clocks. As the Magic Motion Clocks come to life, they will become the center of attention and topic of conversation for years to come.

Rhythm is a worldwide company that has a reputation for quality and design. They were established in 1950 and over the years, has developed into a world leader in the manufacturing of time keeping products with the production of approximately 20,000,000 clocks and movements sold throughout the world.

黄色啪啪视频,免费啪啪视频 is delighted to carry a fine selection of these musical wall clocks. They are exquisite, elegant, mesmerizing and make perfect gifts for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.

“Real Time, Real Magic, Real Rhythm”

On the hour, each clock plays one of many melodies in synchrony.  You choose–from classical to Christmas melodies, or even licensed Beatles tunes. As the numbers rotate to reveal glimmering crystals and additional individual features. All clocks have unique eye catching designs and most are encased in real wood frames.

Rhythm clocks are gorgeous and truly elegant addition to any home.