Red Box Diamonds

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Purchasing Your Dream
Whether you are purchasing a diamond engagement ring, an anniversary gift or a special reward of diamond jewelry, you deserve the best. Red Box Diamonds® offer you more than you imagined possible. Every purchase of a Red Box Diamond® is a brilliant choice.

A Guarantee Above All Others
Each Red Box Diamond is a unique gift of nature, and meant to be cherished for a lifetime. It is our responsibility and desire that you be perfectly satisfied with your diamond purchase.

Accurate Grading
Every Red Box Diamond comes with a Grading Report from GIA and AGS trained experts.

Secure Identifier
Each Red Box Diamond comes with the added security. A laser-engraved number, matching the grading report, is etched on the girdle of the diamond. The number allows for proof positive identification. Custom engraving is available. You can inscribe a secret message of love on your diamond for a nominal fee.

Free Loss Protection for One Year
All Red Box Diamond come with free loss protection for one full year. This provides you with worldwide coverage against theft, loss, or mysterious disappearance. Free coverage begins on postmarked date of registration form. There is no deductible. In case of a loss simply bring in the certificate of registration. This helps to guarantee like kind replacement.

Guaranteed Value
When you are ready, you can trade up your Red Box Diamond for a stone of greater value and receive a full credit toward your new purchase of a Red Box Diamond. Greater value means a larger diamond, or ever a smaller one of higher quality. The value of the new diamond has to be greater than your existing one. *Diamond must be in their original condition to qualify for the Trade-up program

Conflict Free
We are committed to selling Diamonds ethically and with integrity, giving you confidence in the Diamonds you purchase. Red Box Diamonds ensures all rough diamonds are exported and imported with a government validated Kimberly Process certificate stating the Diamonds are conflict-free and transported in sealed and tamper-proof containers.