Here are a few more exciting NEW PRODUCTS:

  1. lisa leonard designs  Choose joy! We are excited to carry this joyful and personalized brand…jewelry with meaning and gifts for mom.  Each piece created is a work of art—hand cut, hammered, polished, drilled and assembled with care.

tc_lisaleonard-usatc_lisaleonard-necklaces2) Carla | Nancy B  Jewelry made in the USA. . . we love that!  Everyone needs a collection of good quality everyday jewelry. They are lightweight, comfortable, high quality, and simply beautiful. They will always be your go-to pieces and they will last you a lifetime.  Guaranteed. Quality is a key factor when it comes to jewelry. It’s important to know that the piece you are purchasing is going to last. That favorite pair of earrings should be worn now and again in 20 years.



3) Meditation Rings are stylish and sophisticated, providing the finest quality of hand crafted gold and sterling silver designer rings with spinning bands.  All MeditationRings are hand crafted by artisans in Israel and are made of the finest quality materials. The collection is frequently seen in leading fashion magazines and is worn by many of Hollywood’s leading celebrities.


4) Elysium rings by Lashbrook are solid diamond. Each Elysium band contains thousands of diamond crystals pressed into one solid diamond ring with a comfort fit. It resists scratching, last forever and maintains an artisan sheen that never fades.  There is nothing like Elysium Black Diamond in the world. It’s more enduring than Titanium, harder than Tungsten and its timeless luster and beauty will outlast Silver, Gold and Platinum.  This Collection is the result of decades of science technology and art–driven to perfection by a relentless quest for the ultimate black diamond.  Timeless and dark as the depths of the earth that forge diamonds.


5) Shop Local & Dig Local
We love to shop local, so how about digging local?  We are excited to carry a selection of Jewelry and Gems mined from the U.S, including Montana Sapphires, Wyoming Rubies, Idaho Garnets, Oregon Opals.
We’re at 17th & Pace, next to Safeway.


Bracelets are one of the most romantic and elegant pieces of jewelry. It captivates attention and perfectly accessories any wardrobe.


We have full spectrum of colored gemstone jewelry in a variety of styles, available in14k white gold, 14k yellow gold and sterling silver for any occasion and for every budget.


Stunning or subtle, the right pair of earrings can bring the finishing touch to a new outfit, or be the perfect gift for a loved one. Our collection of beautifully crafted earrings, from simple studs to fun dangling designs, come in a wide selection of styles and colors.


We have a selection of elegant watches for men and women from famous makers, including Bulova and Longines. The nice thing about giving a watch as a gift, is that the person receiving it thinks of you every time they look at their wrist.



Every woman should own at least one piece of pearl jewelry. Long known as the “Queen of Gems,” they have been a symbol of unblemished perfection. Pearls make unforgettable wedding gifts, bridal jewelry and special occasion gifts.



PENDANTS & NECKLACES are the earliest pieces of jewelry ever designed. Worn by Kings and leaders, they have maintained a status and fashion statement over time.


Rings make a statement about the life and style of the person they accessorize. Whether it’s a promise, engagement, wedding, anniversary, eternity, signet or class ring. Wearing a ring is a beautiful adornment for any occasion.


Buying a diamond is a big step. It’s expression of everlasting love for your important occasion, and creates an emotional moment. We’ll help you every step of the way in selecting the perfect diamond for you.

A diamond’s beauty, rarity and price depend on the 4c’s: cut, clarity, carat and color.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the definitive authority in the U.S. What better place for clear and unbiased information. To learn more about GIA, click on:

But what is the 5th C?


A good jeweler that you trust is the first step in selecting a diamond.
Our jewelers are experienced and knowledgeable about diamonds and will help you feel comfortable every step of the way in making your important purchase.


What story do you want to tell about your engagement or anniversary? For the most memorable occasions in your life, we can help find or create that special ring.


Whether your style is modern or classic, we offer a wide variety of mountings, to one-of-a-kind custom designed jewelry, just for you.